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Post Graduate Government College, Sector-46, Chandigarh

Activities 2015-16

The college has an Alumni Association, which meets periodically and plays a proactive role in the development of the institution through involvement in community outreach activities. The first Alumni Meet of the session was held in the college on Aug.01, 2015. To strengthen ties among all members of the association and the college staff, numerous events and activities were organized:

  • A Talk on “Management Practices in Company Act 2013” was organized in August 2015.
  • A Theatre Festival was organized on the college campus on Jan. 06-08, 2016 with a special One-Act Play performance.
The alumni also participated in National Youth Festival organized by Government of India in Raipur, Chhattisgarh from Jan. 02-06, 2016.

Post Graduate Government College Alumni Association Sector-46 Chandigarh (PGGC46 AA) is the official association for the alumni of Post Graduate Government College Sector-46 Chandigarh established as a not for profit organization for achieving the objectives. The PGGC46 Alumni Association is an instrument that connects every individual who has been nurtured by this great institution.

PGGC46 has produced leaders, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, artists, writers and what not. The Alumni Association brings all these outstanding people together on a single dais. This collective excellence is our contribution to the growing generation, the Institute and the society as a whole. PGGC46 AA endeavors to promote communication and closer relationships amongst its members in accordance with the principle of mutual benefit. “LIGHT IS LIFE” – keeping this motto in mind, we seamlessly connect with the Institute, faculty, students and fellow alumni.

The PGGC46 Alumni Association aims to link the alumni to the institution, develop synergistic plans to support the institution and achieve its vision, and to enable the institute to add value to all its stakeholders.

  • To establish and maintain an alumni association structure - board, chapters, batch representatives that will enable in the smooth governance of the association
  • To strengthen ties among all members of the association and the College staff both existing & Retired.
  • To inspire the members to take active interest in the objectives and progress of the Alumni and institute.
  • To honor its distinguished members with the annual award named as “PRIDE OF COLLEGE”.
  • To provide financial assistance and scholarships to the needy and the deserving students.
  • To institute awards and medals to promote the academic sports and cultural life of the Alumni and students of the College.
  • To support the institute with resources that it will need for its various activities
  • To affiliate chapters of the Alumni both national and international, and keep them informed about the activities of the Association and seek their assistance in promoting its object.
  • To publish newsletter.
  • Any other objectives in the interest of society as decided from time to time by the Executive Committee and General Body.


  • 243 passed graduate register as the Alumni Association members on Enrolment day 2014 of alumni association (Convocation Day)
  • One day trip was organized on 30th march 2014 to Sri Poanta Sahib in which 50 members took participated.
  • Annual alumni meet has been organized on 9th march 2013.
  • Alumni association members organized two days “clean chandigarh healthy chandigarh” movement at sector-17 and pick wastes from 17 plaza and many public places on 1 and 2 September 2013.
  • Alumni association organized punjabi ru-b-ru and kavi darbar on 23 august 2013.
  • Nukkar natak has been organized by alumni association on social evils on 28 September 2013.
  • Blood donation camp was organized with the collaboration of GMCH-32 on 22nd august 2012, where 110 and more donors were present. The donors were given certificates and a small gift
  • Annual Award named as “PRIDE OF COLLEGE” has been introduced to honor alumni’s who have achievement in some particular field and made college feel proud.
  • Eye donation awareness camp was conducted with the collaboration of DEED-NY-DEEDAR in the college on 1st September 2012 and 10 alumni’s and 25 students fill form to donate their eyes.
  • Alumni association with an international organization Naujwan Punjabi Sath spent an evening at old age home sector-15. They interacted with the senior citizens who shared their life experiences with them. 15 old students of college actively participate in this event and shared a cup of tea with them.
  • Annual alumni meet has been organized on March 2012.
  • 267 passed graduate register them as Alumni Association members on Enrolment day 2013 of alumni association (Convocation Day).

All graduates (MCOM, BCOM, BCA, and BA) of PGGC46 automatically become eligible to be an Alumni Association member. To get a register membership they need to be filling a form, so that we can inform them about the activities of the association.

All graduates (MCOM, BCOM, BCA, and BA) of PGGC46 and register themselves as a register member of an Alumni Association are eligible for this award. To apply for this award, you need to be fill form and mail it to us on with your activity photographs and one passport size photo.


  • Dr. Gurjeet Kaur
    Principal, Chairperson of Alumni Association
  • Dr. Baljeet Singh
    Patron of Alumni Association
  • Dr.Surinder Kaur
    Co-Patron of Alumni Association
  • CA.Mastan Singh
    President, Alumni Association
  • Maninder Pal Singh
    Sr.Vice President, Alumni Association
  • Prof. Mona Sodhi
    Vice President, Alumni Association
  • Gurpreet Singh Maan
    General Secretary, Alumni Association
  • Anita Bhargav/Preeti Sharma
    Joint Secretary, Alumni Association
  • Dr. Pooja, Sourav Mehar, Rahul Bagga
    Organising Secretary, Alumni Association
  • CA. Sunny Sharma
    Tressure Secretary, Alumni Association
  • Kuldeep Singh Saini
    Cashier, Alumni Association
  • Tejasvi Sharma, Parshotam
    Media Secretary, Alumni Association
  • Tejinder Singh
    Advertising Secretary, Alumni Association
  • Adv. Naveen kumar Bishnoi, Adv. Naveen kumar
    Legal advisor, Alumni Association


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