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Accredited Grade 'A' by NAAC in 2015




The convener of the society is Dr. Sukhdev Singh Minhas.

Activities 2016-17
Month & Week Activity Teacher Incharge
August 2nd week Talent search competition,Bhangra/Gidda/Musical/Fine Arts/Speaking and Writing Skills Items. Dr.Sukhdev Singh Minhas
Mrs. Harinder Kaur
Dr. Simmi Arora
Mrs. Jatinderdeep Kaur
August 15, 2016 Independence Day celebration Mrs. Shashi Wahi
Mr. Arun Kumar
Dr. G.C Sethi
August 20, 2016 Students assembly (1st Semester) Dr. Yashpal Kaur
August 3rd Week Talk on E-Commerce (Commerce)Mrs. Renu Arora
Dr. Tanuja Talwar
August 3rd Week Lecture on “Emerging Technologies” (BCA) Mr. Mohit sanan
Mrs. Shefali Aggarwal
August 3rd Week Talent Hunt (various Departments)Incharge (Deptt.)
August 4th Week Parent Teacher Meet Mrs. Parveen
Mrs. Mona Singh
August 4th Week Celebration of TeejDr. Sukhdev Singh Minhaas
Mrs. Harinder Kaur
Mrs. Jatinderdeep Kaur
August 4th Week Talk on Issues of Economic Interest (Eco)Mrs. Deepshikha
Mr. Harjinder Singh
Mrs. Vandana
August 4th Week Talk on Mughal Architecture in India (Hist)Mr. Parveen Chaubey
Dr. Parshant Gaurav
Mrs. Vandana
September 1st week Teachers’ Day celebration Mr. Parveen Chaubey
Mrs. ArvinderKaur
September 1st week Indian Psychological Science Congress Dr. Rajesh Kumar
September 2nd week Elections Students’ Council(Pol Sc. & Pub Ad.) Mrs. Shashi Wahi
Dr. Arun Kumar
Mrs. Harinder Kaur
Dr. G.C Sethi
September 2nd week Essay writing on Centre State Relation (Pub Ad.)Mrs. Harinder Kaur
September 2nd week Youth Festival Preparation)Dr. Sukhdev Singh Minhas
Mrs. Harinder Kaur
Concerned Activity Incharges
September 3rd week Visit to Nishan -i-khalsa Museum , Anandpur Sahib(Hist)Mrs. Anita Berry
Mrs. Mona singh
September 3rd week Seminar on Enterpreneurship (Commerce)Dr. Mukesh Chauhan
Dr. Uma Narang
September 4th week Seminar on “Network Management and Techniques” (BCA) Mr. Mohit Sanan
Ms. Vandana
September 26, 2016 International Ozone Day(Geo) (Poster making and Slogan writing) Dr. Prem sagar
October 1st week Alumni Meet Dr. Baljit Singh
Mr. Parveen Chaubey
Dr. Surinder Kaur
Mrs. Arvinder Kaur
Mrs. Mandeep Sandhu
October 24, 2016 UN day Celebration(Def. Std & Pol Sc.) Mrs. Shashi Wahi
Dr. G.C Sethi
Incharge(Def. Std)
November 1st Week 2 Days Workshop on Cloud Computing (BCA) Ms. Vandana
Ms. Shefali Aggarwal
November 1st Week Workshop on How to crack Competitive Exams (Commerce) Mr. Ripan Grover
Mrs. Pooja sareen
November 4th week Talk on Digital Cartography (Geo)Dr. Prem Sagar
December 2nd weekWeek Participation in national level Harivallabbh sangeet Sammelan at Jalandhar(Music(I)) Mr. Ashok Kumar
December 10, 2016 Celebration of Human Rights Day(Pol. Sc.) Mrs. Shashi Wahi
Mr.Arun Kumar
Dr. G.C. Sethi
December 2nd Week World Disability Day Dr. Karambir Singh
Mr. Pandit Rao
January 1st week Talk on importance of GIS (Geo.) Dr. PremSagar
January 1st WeekBasant Utsav celebration (Music (I)) Mr. Ashok Kumar
January 2nd week Lohri Celebration Dr. Sukhdev Singh Minhans
Mr. Gaurav
January 3rd weekCelebration of Indian Army Day (Def Std.) Incharge
January 25, 2016 National Voters Day (Pub Ad.)
National Voters Day (Pol Sci)
Mrs Harinder Kaur
Mrs. Shashi Wahi
Mr. Arun Kumar
Mr. G.C.Sethi
February 1st Week Seminar on PHP(BCA) Mrs Harinder Kaur
Mr. Gaurav Jindal
Mrs. Shefali
Mr. G.C.Sethi
February 1st Week Workshop on Faculty Development Programme (Commerce) Mrs. Arvinder Kaur
Mr. V Magesh
February 2nd Week One Day Music Workshop (Music(I)) by Eminent Artist Mr. Ashok Kumar
February 2nd Week Lecture on how to crack competitive exams(BCA) Mrs. Renu Arora
Ms. Vandana
Mr. Gaurav Jindal
February 2nd Week Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development Programme in Food Processing(Eco.) Mrs. Deepshikha
Mr. Harjinder singh
Mrs. Vandana
February 2nd Week Seminar on banking and insurance(Commerce)Dr. Tanuja Talwar
Mrs. Pooja Sareen
Mrs. Pooja Gupta
February 3rd Week 3 Day Trip to Ajanta Caves Aurangabad(Hist)Mrs. Anita Berry
Mrs. Mona Singh
Dr. Prashant Gaurav
Mr. Parveen Chaubey
Mrs. Renu Bala
March 1st week Annual Prize giving function Dr. Yashpal Kaur
Mrs. Deepshikha
Dr. Prem Sagar
March 3rd Week Annual Convocation function Dr. Yashpal Kaur
Mrs. Deepshikha
Dr. Prem Sagar
April 1st Week Parent Teacher Meet Mrs. Parveen
Mrs. Mona Singh
Activities 2015-16
  • The festival of 'Teej was celebrated with fervour and gaiety by the Society on Aug.13, 2015. The girls recited 'Bolian' (verses from folk music) and performed 'Giddha' to welcome the arrival of monsoon. It was an effort to make the student aware of their culture.
  • A Talent Search Competition was organized on Aug.16, 2015.
  • The Central Students' Association of the college in collaboration with this Society organized “Sukhmani Saheb Path” on Jan. 22, 2016.
  • The college Folk Dance Team (Jhoomar) participated in-
    • World Tourism Day celebrations held at Punjab Kala Bhawan in September 2015.
    • 37th Senior National Softball Championship held at Panjab University on Nov.01, 2015.
    • The National Youth Festival held in New Raipur, Chhattisgarh from Jan.12-16, 2016.
    • Chandigarh Carnival organized by Chandigarh Administration.
    • Rose Festival held at Rose Garden from Feb. 19-21, 2016.
  • The students of the college participated in a One-Act Play at Tagore Theatre, Sector-18, Chandigarh on Jan. 28, 2016.The programme was organized by Chandigarh Sangeet and Natak Akademi (SNA). The performers are Iksha Sharma, Amrit Lal, Rohit Sharma, Ashok, Jyoti Bansal, Bharat, Ajay, Khusboo, Robin Singh, Parvinder Singh and Puneet. They were awarded a cash prize of 20,000 rupees.

Month & Week Activity Teacher Incharge
August 1st Week Orientation programme. Dr. S.S Minhas
Ms. Mona Singh
Ms. Arvinder Kaur
August 2nd week Library Orientation programme Ms. Mukesh
Ms. Rajni
August 2nd week Independence Day Celebrations Ms. Shashi Wahi
August 3rd Week Talent Hunt Competition Dr. S.S Minhas
August 3rd Week Know Your Library Book Exhibition Ms. Mukesh
Ms. Rajni
August 4th Week Celebration of Teej Ms. Mona Singh
Ms. Arvinder Kaur
Ms. Jatinderdeep Kaur
August 4th Week Talk on Attitude Building (Eco) Ms. Deepshikha
Ms. Vandana
Ms. Manisha
August 4th Week Presentation by CIMA on carriers in cost and management accountancy Dr. J.K Sehgal
Ms. Pooja Sareen
August 4th Week Talk on IT, You and employability Dr. Mukesh Chauhan
Mr. V.Magesh
August 4th Week Talk on Marketing Issues(ASP) Ms. Sughanda
September 1st week Preparation of Zonal Youth Festival Dr. S.S.Minhas
Dr. Simmi Arora
Ms. Parveen
September 1st week Seminar on “ Cloud Computing” co professional(BCA) Mr. Mohit Sanan
Ms. Vandana
September 1st week Election Students Council Ms. Harinder Kaur
Dr. G.C Sethi
September 1st week Talk on career opportunities by Career Sharpeners Ms. Pooja Sareen
September 2nd week Talent search Contest Music (I) Mr. Ashok Kumar
September 2nd week Preparation of Musical events for P.U. Youth Festival 2015 Mr. Ashok Kumar
Ms. Pooja Sareen
September 4th week Personality Development and Aptitude skills by Akal Academy Dr. J.K Sehgal
October 1st week Workshop on Hardware Tech. and Networking (BCA) Mr. Mohit Sanan
Mr. Ashib Khan
October 2nd week 4 day Zonal Youth Festival Dr. S.S Minhas
Ms. Ritu Sarsoha
October 3rd week Lecture on Software Technology by KMG Group Dr. J.K Sehgal
Mr. V.Magesh
October 3rd week Book Exhibition Ms. Mukesh
Ms. Rajni
October 4th week United Nations Day (Defence Studies) Dr. Harphool Singh Sihag
November 1st Week IT Fest (BCA) Tech Riti 2015 Ms. Renu Arora
Ms. Jatinder Kaur
Ms. Shefali
November 2nd week Seminar on Career opportunities abroad by EDWISE Dr. J.K Sehgal
Mr. V.Magesh
November 3rd Week Rally on Vigilance Awareness Week Ms. Harinder Kaur
November 4th week Lecture on preparation for interviews of EBELIIPS (Comm.) Dr. J.K Sehgal
Ms. Renu Arora
November 4th week 4 Days workshop on EDP on Food and vegetable processing(Eco) Ms. Vandana(Eco)
Ms. Manisha
December 3rd week Declamation Contest on Human rights (Pol Sc) Ms. Shashi wahi
Dr. Arun Kumar
Mr. G.C Sethi
January 2nd week Seminar on Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw(BCA) Ms. Shefali
Ms. Jatinder Kaur
January 2nd weekExtension Lecture (Def. std) Dr. Harphool Singh Sihag
January 3rd week Workshop on Tally Dr. Mukesh Chauhan
Ms. Pooja Gupta
January 3rd week Book Exhibition Ms. Mukesh
Ms. Rajni
January 4th week National Voters Day(Pub ad & Pol Sc) Ms. Shashi Wahi
Ms. Harinder Kaur
Dr. Arun Kumar
March 1st week Annual Prize Distribution function Dr. Yashpal Kaur
Dr. J.K Seghal
Dr. Prem Sagar
Ms. Anita Berry
February 2016 Basant Panchmi Celebrations Dr. S.S Minhas
February Two day workshop on stage performance Music (I) Mr. Ashok Kumar
March National Seminar (Music(I)) Mr. Ashok Kumar

Preservation and promotion of cultural and heritage society celebrated Teej Festival on 14 Aug.’14 reviving our old traditions. Special recipe of the month “kheer and malpoore” were served and swings were put up for the occasion. Girl students along with Principal Dr. Gurjeet Kaur and other staff members enjoyed participating in Mehandi, Rangoli, Folk song and Giddha. It was an effort to make the student aware of their cultural heritage and at the same time help in developing their positive personality and skills for such like events.

College Jhumar team gave an presentation at Leisure valley on 12th Nov,2014 on the occasion of Jawahar Lal Nehru Science and Technology Exhibition. Gazal and Geet was also presented at the occasion by the students of our College.

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