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Accredited Grade 'A' by NAAC in 2015

College Profile

Post Graduate Government College, Sector-46, Chandigarh At a Glance

Established in 1982, Postgraduate Government College, Sector 46, is relatively young but offers an array of fine higher educational options in various streams namely Arts, Commerce and Computer Applications, with Honours in selected subjects. The college also offers masters in Commerce.Accredited with A by NAAC, the college has faculty with impeccable credentials and upgraded knowledge that prepares the students to become diligent citizens and hold leadership positions.

The college motto----Light is Life----stands for the spark that ignites the fire within; the energy, intelligence and enthusiasm crackling to life, through quality education and learning, which is, indeed, our distinctive attribute.

It is the college that fine-tunes the youth possessing all the distinct ideas and prepares them to face the challenges of larger life head on. It adds a dash of colour to their attitude and equips them with a blur-free image of the world. It is a sobering responsibility of an educational institution to train and develop knowledge, mind and character.---This responsibility has always remained the primary and foremost task of our college.----Our institute, a co-educational college, has been singularly proud to have met this challenge of providing quality education.

Much in the same way as the African proverb that “it takes a village to raise a child,” at our college, we believe in the credo that there is much to learn, unlearn and relearn..

The college gives the students the best------be it course structure, infrastructure, technological advancement-or-the educational ambience. We also believe that sharing, networking and exploring opportunities in knowledge and understanding, makes for a better learner. Our experienced teaching faculty, therefore, pursues this goal with a dedication that has helped the college earn a name for itself as one of the distinguished colleges in the region.

We follow the best practices in innovative teaching techniques to make learning a transforming experience, enriching the mind and character of the students. Their presence, participation and performance have started causing ripples in the competitive outside world. They are treading on a common path to glory for achieving greater excellence in their respective fields. Their exploits in different arenas have been warming the hearts of everyone back in the college.

The college is a sprawling campus----well equipped with computer and language labs having intranet and internet facilities, multi-media seminar rooms, aesthetically designed state-of-the-art auditorium, fully automated well stocked library, hi-tech gymnasium hall and computerized administrative block.

Extra and co-curricular activities like seminars, group discussions, debates, declamations, extension lectures, quiz contests, creative writing, fine arts, dance and drama keep our students animated and responsive to the outside world. NCC and NSS units instil discipline and promote selfless community service and sensitise the students to various social issues. Campus green initiatives in the college demonstrate a concern for the environment too. Games and sports cater to the holistic development of the students. And many a brilliant stars sparkle in our college galaxy.

LIBRARY: The college maintains a fine library with a good collection of books, periodicals and newspapers for reading, reference, or lending, all systematically arranged, to whet and satisfy all academic needs of the students from all disciplines. The library has a collection of more than 33000 books . It subscribes 40 journals, 60 magazines and 14 newspapers.

COLLEGE MAGAZINE: Bright, bold and colourful ! That’s our college magazine ‘Amaranth’ – a mélange of ideas and a window to all activities that matter on the college campus. The magazine is brought out annually and acts as a mirror of the voices and aspirations of the college students and staff.

SPORTS: In the arena of sports , the students take complete responsibility for themselves and stretch the limits of their endurance in order to stand on the winner’s podium . Our college has excelled in many sports disciplines at different levels.

NSS: The NSS units of the college have been doing a commendable job of conducting campaigns aimed at cleaning, afforestation , creating awareness on social problems, education, cleanliness etc.

NCC: The National Cadet Corps unit in our college has been hard at work to groom the leaders of tomorrow into disciplined and patriotic citizens who form the second line of defence. Our college has produced a large pool of trained youth ready for induction into the armed forces of the country.

EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: All study and no play can have a dulling effect on the minds of students. In order to ensure that our students enjoy healthy minds and healthy bodies, activities outside the realm of normal curricular of the college, we organize different contests all round the year.

PLACEMENTS: Our college specializes in placement of individuals in jobs matching their abilities. Our team interviews and tests applicants for the purpose of achieving suitable job placements where there is good match between management needs and employee qualifications.

PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME: Personality Development Programme - an initiative aiming at enhancing the communication and computer skills besides providing guidance in personality development and career counseling----is active throughout the session.

Post Graduate Government College Sector 46, Chandigarh
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